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12 Amazing Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Small Bathrooms That You Must Try

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Have you ever considered changing your bathroom vanity to keep up with the frequently changing bathroom trends? Well, then you must be in search of the perfect vanity idea for your bathroom. We’ve got just what you need!

Vanity is basically the centerpiece of bathrooms and is generally responsible for the overall appeal of the bathroom. A bathroom vanity typically consists of the sink and multiple storage cabinets. An amazing vanity could not only make your bathroom visually attractive, but it can also benefit you with surplus storage space and thus, minimizing clutter in your bathroom. Therefore, when selecting this essential component of your bathroom, you need to make sure that you go with the vanity that fits your bathroom perfectly while also keeping it up-to-date.

Below are 12 amazing bathroom vanity ideas that can help your bathroom stand out.

1. Vintage Dresser

If you want to save some money during your bathroom remodeling, then you should consider upcycling an old piece of furniture, preferably dressers, as your bathroom vanity. Simply search for a vintage dresser, color it up to match your bathroom theme, alter hardware if necessary, add a marble countertop to it, and use it as your vanity. This vanity idea is probably the most economical design that allows you to keep up with modern bathroom trends.

2. Pull-Out Step Stool

If you want to make your bathroom vanity more accessible for your kids, then the Pull-Out Step Stool vanity is a suitable option for you. These vanities have their toe kicks replaced with pull-out stools that give kids a boost to easily reach and use the sink. If you are not willing to buy a new vanity equipped with this stool, you can replace the toe kick of your previous vanity with a stool to attain this vanity design idea. For DIY stools, you can build a simple Plywood box and install it in the vanity making it easier for your kids to maneuver on their own.

3. Modern Luxury

These luxurious modern bathroom vanity designs might sound overpriced, but if you have a good budget for your bathroom remodeling, then these vanities are a must get. This vanity adds a luxurious hint to your bathroom while also enhancing the overall appeal of your bathroom. This is a spacious design giving your bathroom a more open and uncluttered look. The floating design of these vanities also promotes cleanliness by making certain areas of the bathroom more accessible, and thus, easier to clean. This design is sure to give your bathroom the transformation that it needs.

4. Corner Vanity

If you’re looking for the perfect bathroom vanity design for your small bathroom, then a corner vanity is the ideal choice for you! Corner vanities generally occupy much less space than other vanity designs and thus, making your bathroom more spacious. This design idea will not only increase accessible space in your bathroom but also add to its visual charm. Corner vanities are also cheaper than other vanity designs; therefore, saving your budget during the bathroom remodeling.

5. Open Shelf

This open shelf bathroom vanity design is another popular idea used remarkable vanity idea popularly used in the American home. This design consists of two parallel pairs of mirror and sink. The open design of this vanity allows a sense of airiness surrounding the bathroom. The shelves provide ample storage space minimizing disorder in your bathroom.

6. Vanity With Towel Bar

This one is a bathroom vanity idea that you must try! The asymmetrical bathroom vanity showed in this design is super stylish attracting the visitor’s attention instantly. The crispy white cabinets go perfectly with this vanity design. The towel bar under the wood countertop showcases your towel. To further enhance the vanity, you can paint the walls in Charcoal Grey to visualize the best features of this design.

7. Freestanding Vanity

This is a simple and compact bathroom vanity design that works perfectly for small bathrooms. The sale and setup prices of this vanity design are also incredibly less than those of other alternatives. You can experiment with the position of this vanity as it is easy to move.

8. Elegant Mirrored

If you’d like to get a little fancy with your bathroom vanity design, then the elegant mirrored style is what you should opt for. These are cabinet shaped vanities with mirrors as doors. This vanity idea is highly suggested for small bathrooms as they cause light to bounce off; therefore, producing the illusion of a more spacious bathroom. Thanks to their cabinet-like structure, these vanities provide ample storage capacity for all your bathroom necessities.

9. Concrete Vanity

Unlike the vanities made of metal or ceramic, this concrete bathroom vanity is much heavier. As a result, it can be customized to attain a space-saving arrangement. With this design, a lot of free space is available under the sink which can be utilized for cabinets and storage purposes. With this design, you can get the concrete finish of your favorite color or you can leave it in its natural shade.

10. Powder Blue

In small bathrooms, bathroom vanity with maximum storage capacity could be the best possible option. This vanity design comes equipped with cabinets and doors that allow much-needed storage space. The powder blue vanity design is also known to easily fit in tight and compact places and making the bathroom more visually appealing.

11. Round Vanity

If your bathroom space is compact, then definitely consider a round-shaped vanity for it. A round bathroom vanity would generally occupy less square footage as compared to other designs but it provides just as much storage space. The curved shape of this vanity design provides an elegant and neat touch to your bathroom.

12. Gold And Blue

The golden brass hardware used in this bathroom vanity design beautifully goes with the blue paint to produce an elegant tone combination. The style has a royal feel to it mainly because of the correct proportion of royal blue used. This vanity design idea is sure to catch a great deal of attention and interest from visitors.

After reading and watching these beautiful vanity ideas, and you want to have a free estimate on your complete bathroom re-modelation, call us today or send us your information and we will contact you.

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