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Rustic Or Modern Cabinets? | Pros And Cons

Are you wondering what type of kitchen cabinets you should get for your home? This can be a tough decision given the hundreds of cabinetry design ideas and the frequently changing kitchen design trends. However, you don’t need to worry as we’ll be helping you greatly in deciding what cabinet design is ideal for your house.

Two of the most popular kitchen cabinet designs are Rustic cabinets and Modern cabinets. What’s the difference between the two? How can you choose the right one for you? Today’s article will answer your queries and help you select the right cabinetry design for you.

Why Is Selecting A Suitable Kitchen Cabinet So Important?

Having a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetic is the dream of every home owner. With that said, kitchen cabinets play a major role in proper functioning of the kitchen as well as the visual aesthetic that your kitchen produces. When it comes to picking the right cabinets for your kitchen, a surplus amount of effort is required. Kitchen cabinets are generally the most important part of any kitchen and are the first and most noticeable thing as soon as one enters a kitchen.

Elaborating on the seemingly obvious use of cabinets, they provide convenient storage spaces for your kitchen essentials. Furthermore, having beautifully crafted cabinets can really transform the overall appearance of your kitchen. However, to get the most benefit out to your kitchen cabinets, you need to make sure that you choose a cabinetry design that not only seems visually appealing, but also goes with the neutral theme of your kitchen.

Two highly popular types of kitchen cabinets are Rustic cabinets and Modern cabinets. Continue reading to understand the main difference between these two classifications and deduce which one should be an ideal option for your kitchen.

What Are Rustic Cabinets?

A Rustic or Traditional kitchen cabinet is one that is based on past designs and trends. Rustic cabinets are popularly known for their association with classic schemes and styles. Moreover, these cabinets also flourish with organic and flowing overall feelings, making them a suitable cabinetry option for your kitchen.

Rustic cabinets usually make use of deep and rich wood tones such as Cherry and Mahogany. Usually equipped with slopes, curves, and easy edges, these cabinets would be a great addition to your kitchen. People, who seem to hold a great deal of interest in the historical culture, are generally more drawn toward Rustic cabinet designs and other alternatives.

Pros Of Rustic Cabinets

A Rustic design for your kitchen cabinets is really not a bad idea! With these designs, you can experience a more natural and wild theme that evolves the feelings of thrill and positivity. Here are some benefits that you’ll be availing by going with a Rustic theme for your cabinets.

  • Rustic cabinets have a classic, beautiful, and timeless look to them. The general appearances of Rustic themed cabinets add to the overall appeal of your kitchen.

  • These cabinet designs are typically more durable than other alternatives because of the strong and firm hardware used during the crafting process.

  • Rustic cabinets, especially those made of wood, provide a variety of options. There are many different types of wood with unique appearances, costs, and durability. You get a wide range of cabinetry materials to choose from when working with Rustic cabinets.

  • Rustic cabinets can be easily customized in different shapes, designs and colors. These are also comparatively much cheaper than other cabinetry designs, partially thanks to their low installation costs.

Cons Of Rustic Cabinets

It’s also important to note that Rustic cabinets do come with a few drawbacks. Here are some disadvantages of using a Rustic design for your kitchen cabinets.

  • One of the major downsides of using Rustic (Wood) cabinets is that they are prone to humidity. When the moisture content in wood cabinets becomes too high, the wood tends to expand and contract resulting in warping of wood overtime.

  • Rustic cabinets require high maintenance as they need to be cleaned more often and with special products designed to clean wood.

  • Rustic cabinets typically take a long time to construct and install. If you want your cabinets ready as soon as possible, then you should consider other alternatives.

What Are Modern Cabinets?

Contrary to Rustic cabinets, Modern kitchen cabinets generally edge more towards functionality, offering more storage space, and supporting user-friendly countertops. The designs and styles of Modern cabinets are much sleeker than other cabinetry ideas allowing your kitchen to stay up-to-date with the everyday kitchen trends.

Modern cabinets are equipped with hard edges and economical designs to give a more compact feel. Materials used in Modern design cabinets include wood, metal, glass, concrete, and even plastic. To say the least, Modern cabinets are known to be very functional, making them an ideal option for busy kitchens with more frequent use.

Pros Of Modern Cabinets

When it comes to functionality, Modern kitchen cabinets generally have an edge over Rustic cabinets. These cabinets not only add up to the beauty of your kitchen but also prove to be extremely useful for everyday usage. Here are some of the major pros of Modern cabinets.

  • Modern cabinets typically require low maintenance. You don’t need to clean these cabinets often.

  • If we consider durability, Modern cabinets are just up there along with Rustic cabinets because of the strong and durable materials used in these cabinets.

  • Modern cabinets are unaffected by water or humidity and can be used conveniently in humid areas.

  • These cabinets are easy to style. For example, you can add a country touch to your modern cabinets by simply adding a wooden worktop.

Cons Of Modern Cabinets

Similar to Rustic cabinets, Modern kitchen cabinets also suffer from a number of various disadvantages. Some major problems of using Modern cabinets are listed below.

  • If exposed to an excessive amount of heat, the colors of these cabinets can fade over time.

  • For materials such as metals, cooking becomes more difficult if the cabinets are placed near the stove as the metal tends to absorb a great amount of heat.

  • Repairing modern cabinets is generally more difficult and expensive.

The Choice Is Yours!

Now that you know everything about both Rustic and Modern kitchen cabinet designs, you can easily conclude with which one fills your requirements. If you prefer the visuals and looks of your kitchen, then a Rustic cabinet design could be suitable for you; however, if you prefer higher functionality, then definitely go with a Modern cabinet design.

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