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Top 10 Exterior House Painting Color Combination Ideas | Perfect for 2022

Are you looking for the perfect paint color combination for your house’s exterior? If so, then we’ve got just what you need! We all know about the significance of first impressions. In those regards, Exterior paint colors act as first impressions of your home to new visitors. Just the right color combination for your house’s exterior can welcome visitors. That’s not all! The right color choice could greatly impact your happiness and excitement every time you return home from work.

We’re here to ensure that you make the right color choice for your home’s exterior. Here is a list of 10 exquisite color combination ideas that can make your home stand out.

1. Green & Grey

If your home is situated somewhere near the woods, then it’s a great idea to paint the house exterior Green. This color combination allows your home to mix naturally with the surrounding. When selecting the right exterior paint color combination, you should try your best to select a color that goes with, not against the surrounding. This seamless color combination works in perfect harmony with the lush surrounding trees. A Green & Grey color combination typically consists of walls painted in a dark and subtle shade of green and roof painted in a Dark Grey.

2. Blue & Grey

One of the most eye-catching and decent color combinations is Blue & Grey. The Blue shade gives a nautical and serene feeling to the house. Here, you can also use Royal Blue to give your home the feeling of royalty to the house. Furthermore, the color Blue has a special ability to please people in just a single glimpse. A Blue & Grey exterior gives the house the regal touch and formal aesthetic that you’re in search of. This color combination involves the walls painted in a dark blue shade, such as Royal Blue, and the roof painted in Classic Grey.

3. White & Brown

Even though this is a traditional color combination, it still qualifies in the top 10 trendy and modern exterior color combination ideas. White expresses impressions of cleanliness, freshness, and brightness. Brown is a color that goes perfectly with a number of different colors and for this combination, it adds to the beauty of your home. The perfect shade of white coupled with brown greatly increases the welcoming factor of your home. In this combination, you can paint the walls in Crisp White and the roof in Brown.

4. Blue & White & Red

This color combination provides a sophisticated look to your traditional style home. With this combination, you need to create the perfect balance between the blues, whites, and reds without going the full patriotic red, white, and blue route. Such fancy colors would really help you reach the level of happiness that you desire in your home. For this combination, you can go for a dark shade of blue, such as Royal Blue, for the walls, Crisp White for the roof, and dark maroon for windows and doors.

5. Red & Grey & White

A jolly, lighthouse red gives your home both a traditional and fresh look. Unlike most other color combinations, this one goes perfectly with any background or surroundings. Whether your home is located in the middle of the woods, or a clean landscape, this is a highly suggested exterior color combination for you. This involves developing a tomato red theme by painting the walls in Brick Red. Paint the doors and windows in White and for added accent, you can go for Classic Grey for the roof of the house.

6. Grey & White

We all are well aware of the significance of the color Grey in house painting, so why not paint the entire exterior in different shades of Grey? This simple and clean color combination gives your home a classic aesthetic that anyone appreciates. If you don’t want anything too fancy, then a complete Grey exterior should be your exterior color choice. You can paint the walls in a light grey shade; Fossil Grey is a good choice. The roof should be painted in a darker shade of grey, such as Charcoal Grey. White is a good color choice for windows and doors.

7. Yellow & Brown & White

For a more fancy exterior color combination, it’s a good idea to keep the basic color theme yellow. Unlike other colors, Yellow provides a cheerful touch to your home making visitors feel welcomed. Bright shades of yellow prove to be highly uplifting; therefore, energizing every part of your home. This fresh and bright color combination idea makes your home feel alive! It involves a bright yellow shade, such as Mellow Yellow, for the walls and a Dark Brown shade for the roof. Similar to most other color combinations, you can paint the windows and doors in Crisp White to highlight the basic theme of your home’s exterior.

8. Metallic

This color combination idea is unique and different from others you’ve found in this list. Before you consider getting this simple, yet delicate color combination for your home’s exterior, you should know that metallic paints are difficult to find in comparison with others. Some companies offer exquisite shades of metallic paints, such as Bronze. A Bronze-themed exterior gives the trendy look to your home, making people take a second glance when walking past your home. An all Bronze theme couple with porch lights to produce an attractive aesthetic that you will surely love!

9. Navy Blue & White

Navy Blue comes in a range of options to choose from. Most shades of Navy Blue resemble Blue but others sit close to Royal Blue. When painting home exteriors, Navy Blue is a top option. It goes well with most other colors on a mid-century modern home. This combination involves painting the exterior walls in an attractive shade of Navy Blue and windows and doors in Crisp White.

10. Grey & Pale Aqua

This is easily one of the best-looking exterior color combinations for houses in tropical areas. The cool Grey roof paired with Pale Aqua walls to do a great job of inviting visitors to your tropical haven. If you live in a beach landscape, then this color combination is perfect for you!

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