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Top 9 Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas For 2021

Are you planning to upgrade your kitchen cabinets? Perhaps, you’re unsure about what design you should be choosing? Don’t worry! We’re here to educate you about the 9 best kitchen cabinet ideas that have gained immense popularity in 2021.

When you enter a kitchen, what’s the first thing that you notice? In most cases, kitchen cabinets are typically responsible for the first impressions of the kitchen. So how can you make this an overwhelming impression? It’s simple! Just start by making use of some of the best kitchen cupboard design ideas for your kitchen.

Here are some ideal kitchen cabinet design ideas to keep your kitchen beautiful and up-to-date.

1. Tone Combination Theme

When it comes to choosing the right paint for your kitchen cabinets, you can get a variety of options to choose from. However, why should you go with a single color theme when you can work with a tone combination theme for your kitchen? Tone combination themes are known to be elegant and stylish, providing your kitchen your desired look. For a winning tone combination, you can simply paint the wall cabinets in White and the floor cabinets in Grey. Furthermore, you can also use marble countertops and tiles to keep the space bright and also provide a clean impression.

2. Glass Cabinets

This beautiful and elegant glass kitchen cabinet design is sure to capture some attention. These glass cabinets are perfect for light use and are a great way to showcase your precious glass collection. The all-White theme coupling with the Black outlining to the glass cabinet produces an airy accent which has the potential to impress a lot. Such cabinets could be a classy addition to your kitchen providing the casual yet inspiring attribute that your kitchen has been missing.

3. Oak Theme

Oakwood for kitchen cabinets was a majorly popular option in the early ’90s. However, this trend has been once again renewed for 2021. To say the least, Oak cabinetry is versatile thanks to its neutral color, dimension, texture, and the natural appeal that it brings along with it. Cabinet doors with Oak finish produce the ultimate effect of modern simplicity, often developing a connection to the natural element. White marble countertops fit in flawlessly with an Oak themed kitchen. Oak also goes impressively with other colored themes like blue, black, grey, and more!

4. Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are majorly popular kitchen cabinet designs in America. This kitchen design is surely a classic, but it has held its position as one of the best cabinet designs in 2021 as well. Shaker cabinets are traditional, yet elegant, making it an ideal cabinet design idea for your kitchen. This design is popular in most single-family homes because of its unbeatable sophistication. Shaker cabinets have the capability to completely transform your kitchen into a fresh and sparkling space.

5. Scandinavian Inspired

This kitchen cabinet design idea models the modern-Scandinavian inspiration with its crisp linear design. A thoughtful selection of materials gives these cabinets a softer appeal and often a pinch of industrial style. These cabinets provide extensive storage space solely because of their flat and open design. Combining the Scandinavian Inspired cabinets with energizing colors, such as grey and lime, would definitely invigorate the workplace. This single style of cabinetry is available in a number of different hardware as well as in a variety of finishes. The uncluttered designs of these cabinets allow them to be ideal cabinetry options for both small and large kitchens.

6. Classic French Flair

Re-lifting the French S-curve molding design, these Class French Flair kitchen cabinets are amazing cabinetry options. This kitchen design idea allows the cabinets to fit naturally with the rest of the kitchen. When coupled with wood colored marble tiles, this theme is unmatchable in its classic nature. If you’re in search of a pale white theme to match the aesthetics of your kitchen, then Classic French Flair is definitely your choice! This cabinetry design is mostly used in off-white shades to get the best visual appeal out of them.

7. Victorian Shaker

This is a shaker-style cabinetry design mainly featuring flat drawer fronts and flat-faced cabinet doors. Victorian Shaker kitchen cabinets date back to 1882 and have been popularly used ever since. This cabinetry design differs greatly from other designs as it produces a natural and subtle visual for your kitchen. The simple White drawer knobs and the natural Green paint used in this cabinetry design helps to preserve the original aesthetic of the Victorian Shaker. If you’re looking for a classical transformation for your kitchen, then Victorian Shaker is your choice!

8. Cool Grey

If you’re looking to build a cool aesthetic for your kitchen cabinets, then it’s essential that you select the best and most suitable paint for your cabinetry design. Minimalistic and neutral colors form the basis of classical and modern interior design. The Cool Grey Kitchen theme provides everything that you could wish for in the best visual color theme. Sleek lines and uncluttered surfaces are some of the main features of this cabinet design theme. With just the right tone of Grey for your cabinets accompanied by wooden floorings, you can fill the kitchen with warmth and character.

9. Drawer Cabin

Drawer cabins are perfect replacements for normal kitchen cabinets with shelves. This cabinet design idea greatly improves accessibility and increase the storage capacity for your cabinets. You can install drawers inside your cabinets to minimize the possibility of hidden items and clutter. This design would not only maintain the natural aesthetic of your kitchen but also promote cleanliness by getting rid of any mess. For the design used here, a crispy White cabin is used along with Black drawers to create the natural black and white aesthetic.

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