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When Is The Moment To Paint Your Exterior House or Establishment?

Painting the exterior of your house or establishment can be very tricky. To get the perfect job done, you need licensed and insured professional painters who know the intricacies and tricks of exterior house painting. Unlike interior painting which could be done at any time, exterior painting takes a lot of planning. It can't just be done at any moment of your choice. Painting the exterior of your house at the wrong time could result in a terrible looking paint job. Luckily, with years of experience and expertise up our sleeves, we at Triple D Paint Home Improvements know the perfect moment and conditions to paint your house exterior.

What then is the right moment to paint the exterior of your house or establishment?

It has already been established that exterior painting cannot be done in just any season or time of the year. This is because paint requires carefully balanced temperatures and conditions for it to dry properly. Extreme weather conditions are a no-no for painting the exterior of your home or establishment.

You should not paint your house exterior during the rainy seasons or wet days. This is because the rain would leave your paint runny and streaked and the paint would not cure. Rain usually leaves the surfaces wet and when you paint over those wet surfaces, you release built up water, thereby smearing your paint job.

The best time to paint your house exterior is during warm, dry days. Paint normally requires a temperature of about 50° for it to dry properly. Thus, warm dry days are the best. However, extremely hot weather is detrimental to the paint job as it would cause the paint to dry too quickly and have a rough-looking finish.

On the other hand, if the weather is too cold, the quality of your paint job would be affected as well. Luckily, there are ways to work around painting your house exterior in very cold weather. First of all, you need to take a few preparation steps. Make sure you prime. Also, make use of good, high-quality painting products. There are certain painting products that can be used under temperatures less than 34°F. You equally need to hire licensed and professional painters who would know the correct tools to use to give you the best painting services.

Temperature fluctuations are another factor that should be considered when painting the exterior of your house or establishment. The temperature might be just right during the day but it might fluctuate and drop at night.

Having established that the best moment to paint your exterior house or establishment is warm, dry days(preferably in early summer or early fall), you should be mindful and meticulous. Ensure that the days following the paint job are equally dry and warm.

Hire professional residential or commercial house painters to give you the best painting services. At Triple D Paint Home Improvements, we use our expertise to offer you high-quality paint services. We are a team of licensed and insured professional painters and we would definitely give your home or establishment the spark it deserves. Contact US

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