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Why You Should Always Work With a Licensed and Insured Painting Company

Deciding on the right color of paint should not be the first thing on your mind when considering companies offering painting services. The real issue is getting the right company that will give you the best and protect you, the customer. You can take a pick out of many companies, but it is important that you pick licensed and insured professional painters. Do not worry about the cost because this decision could possibly save you a lot of unforeseen costs. Here are some reasons why a licensed and insured painting company is a better option.


Painting is a hazardous task. The workers work from a scaffold or ladder. They could fall or injure themselves. A company with no insurance can sue you when this happens. However licensed and insured professional painters takes accidents into consideration and prepares for it by insuring the company. Hence, you will not be held liable for unfortunate incidents that come with the job.


Painters have unlimited access to your building or home. It is safer to work with a licensed company that can be held accountable for things get stolen. Also, the workers are more likely to be easier to know and track through the company’s records. Triple D Paint Home Improvement as a company is always conscious of the customer’s safety. Choosing our company painting services is a sure way of protecting yourself from loss.

A Good Paint Job

Licensed companies are more likely to do professional jobs than unlicensed ones. This is because they have knowledge and skill gained over time. Their workers will surely be trained and use the right materials such as Triple D paint. They also have a reputation to protect and so, they will not do substandard jobs. How well a job is done depends on the tools. Licensed companies use the best materials so that the job is done to your satisfaction. Therefore, our painting services use the best painting materials for your residential and commercial painting.

Working with a company that does not have licensed and insured professional painters could be cheaper but then your money will surely go down the drain when you have to get the job redone by the contractor.


In cases where a licensed company does do a bad job, they are required by law to correct any faults. However, a non-licensed company is under no government control or regulation and cannot be forced to take responsibility for an unsatisfactory painting service. In case of disputes, you can contact the licensing agency to step in. A threat of suspension or revocation of license will change the company’s mind. But you cannot do this with an unlicensed company, now can you?

There is no guarantee that working with an insured and licensed company will be hitch free. But you have better protections and assurances than working with a non-licensed company. Triple D Paint Home Improvements is a licensed and insrued painting copmany in Central Florida which take care of our customers and employees.

If you are looking for the right painting company for you painting project. Contact us or send us a message we are ready to help you.

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