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5 Ideas For A Budget Kitchen And Bath Makeovers

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? If so, then you should begin with kitchen and bath makeovers and work your way to other parts of your home. The kitchen and bathrooms are unarguably the two most important parts of any home. These two areas directly influence the worth and value of your home. For this reason, it’s essential to get the best makeover for your kitchen and bathroom.

Honestly, kitchen and bath makeovers are no walk-in-the-park. An unreal amount of research and effort is required in order to ensure convincing results. To rid you of the burden, we’ve compiled 5 simple and effective ideas that you should practice to obtain the perfect kitchen and bath makeover for your home.

Benefits of Kitchen and Bath Makeover

Although remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms sounds like a hectic job, its benefits easily outweigh the burden. Here are the most popular short-term as well as long-term benefits that result from a kitchen and bath makeover.

  1. First and foremost, a kitchen and bath renovation can drastically enhance the value of your home. Based on popular opinion, having your home’s bathrooms and kitchen remodeled can result in a whopping 10% to 20% increase in home value.

  2. If you intend to live in this house for five or more years, then the home value might not be your primary concern. Happiness is very important! An amazing kitchen and bath makeover can certainly help in boosting your happiness.

  3. Modern kitchen and bath trends are constantly changing. In order to keep up with the change, you must make changes to adapt to that trend. A good kitchen and bath makeover can give your home the trendy look that you desire.

  4. Organization is another key concern that multiple homeowners prioritize. Perhaps your previous kitchen layout isn’t making use of all available space. By choosing the right model for your kitchen, you can optimize work and storage space and therefore, promote organization.

5 Simple Ideas for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Here are 5 simple, yet professional ideas that are sure to make your kitchen and bath makeover job incredibly easy and exciting for you.

1. Repaint Cabinets Rather Than Replacing Them

When we talk about kitchen remodeling, the first idea that comes to mind is getting rid of the old and worn-out cabinets and replacing them with new and expensive ones. However, you’ll be pleased to know that there is actually another much simpler and budget-friendly way to obtain equally convincing results. Instead of replacing your old cabinets, you should consider repainting them.

Kitchen cabinets play an important role in defining the theme and worth of your kitchen. Therefore, if you want to remodel your kitchen, it can be done easily by getting a professional painter to repaint your cabinets. By repainting your kitchen cabinets, you can not only change the appearance of your kitchen but also fix any structural damage done to the cabinets.

2. Express Your Creativity with New Lightning

A brilliant way to remodel kitchens by combing convenience with beauty is by getting creative with the lightning that you choose for the kitchen. This is one of the most cost-effective ways you can update the overall visual quality of your kitchen. You can obtain the desired effect by mixing and matching different fixtures in various spots in the kitchen.

Honestly, there are countless kitchen lighting ideas ranging from ambient lighting to more subtle lighting. Here, you also get to plan the layout and the budget for the new lighting. Furthermore, you can also use lighting to highlight the best parts of your kitchen. Plan the lighting that is most suitable for your kitchen and get ready to impress visitors!

3. Get New Flooring

New Flooring can give new life to your kitchen. Even though updating flooring is a very time and money-consuming task, it sure is worth the struggle. Generally for kitchen floor, hardwood is the most popularly used material. Hardwood comes with numerous variations and differences, so you have a variety of options when selecting the new flooring for your kitchen.

Several companies offer engineered flooring planks surfaced with a thin layer of hardwood on top. This type of flooring prevents the floor from shifting during expansion and contraction cycles. On the topic of Hardwood flooring, Oak and Walnut are the two most commonly used Hardwood choices. Other choices include Hickory, Maple, Cherry, Ash, and many more! So take your time and decide which Hardwood flooring is the best option for your kitchen.

4. Get Patterned Walls for Your Bathroom

A simple white-themed bathroom could be appealing to a few, but it generally comes off as boring and dull. Instead, you can use the white space as the perfect canvas to express your creativity with colors and patterns. You can cover the walls of the bathroom with fun and exciting wallpaper that matches the overall theme of your bathroom.

Moreover, if you want to alter your bath theme, it’s a great idea to start with the walls and then get the vanity that goes best with your selected theme. Patterned wallpapers make the space much more inviting and visually appealing. This isn’t just a budget-friendly bath makeover idea but is also more effective and efficient than most other ideas. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for the perfect wallpaper for your bathrooms.

5. Get a Double Vanity for Your Bathroom

If your old bathroom model consists of any cramped space, then you should consider replacing your original vanity with double vanity. Double vanities are perfect for covering up unused space. These double vanities not only make your bathroom seem vast than it actually is, but also provide more storage space. If you’re aiming for a specific theme, then you can get a double vanity and paint the cabinets with the color combination that you desire.

Custom double vanities combine with patterned wallpapers to greatly increase the appeal of your bathroom.

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