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Protecting My Family While Having a Project at Home

Updated: May 28, 2020

Being at home can become kind of stressful and boring, but it can be helpful for your house. People have started to notice that they need more maintenance, repairs, or even painting.

Some people have been trying to paint their houses, taking a risk with their skills with this job. However, painting might be complicated for some people, and it might look good but practice and experience can't be replaced.

We know we are going through a rough time, and you might be thinking the following:” Is it safe to start a project during this time? Should I allow painters in my house? What do I have to do to protect myself if I want to start a new project?”

We want to make sure you are protected and your home is safe from anything that could affect you and your family. It is in your hands to start a project or maybe postpone it, but we will tell you some tips so you and the painting company do everything that is needed to keep you safe and so they can work with responsibility.

Projects outside of your house/ exterior projects.

Having exterior projects is going to be much easier, this process might be totally different. Always ask for the phone estimate and let the crew work outside of course maintaining 6 ft of distance, this is going to provide safety for you, your family, and even the painting crew.

Projects inside your house.

Before starting a project inside your house make sure the crew is following the required guidelines, such as face mask, gloves, 6 ft distance, and shoe protection. This is going to help you prevent any virus to spread inside your house and provide the safety of you and your family.

Always ask if they offer phone or phone estimates, this could help you by preventing contact with the crew.

Once you require the services from the company make sure they are following all these which is beneficial for everyone.

Protection and safety standards.

Having some rules or safety tips is crucial, and it has become important to keep these in mind. Some safety tips might be the following:

  • To keep distance with workers and painting companies make sure you make a phone estimate, this is going to help you and keep you safe.

  • Email the company If you have any questions or thoughts and call or email your painting company.

  • Maintain the use of face masks, gloves, and even alcohol, this is going to help you prevent contact with any virus.

  • Use other methods of payment, such as online and virtual payment.

  • Wash your hands frequently to prevent the spread of any virus.

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